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Taking Hobbiton Cruise Tours from Tauranga

Take the once-in-lifetime opportunity to visit Hobbiton where the many scenes from the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings were filmed. The idyllic village of Hobbiton is Middle-earth at its best. It’s situated within the rolling green farmland near Matamata in the North Island of New Zealand.

Hobbiton Movie Set includes all 44 personalised hobbit holes that make up the shire. The movie set is rebuilt to exactly what they did in the movies – right down to blue bell flowers and smoking chimneys. While taking Hobbiton tours from Tauranga, you will feel like you’ve stumbled right into the fantasy world.


The Hobbiton cruise trip tours from Tauranga offer a chance to see the absolute best what New Zealand has to offer. They can take you through some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes including the world-renowned Hobbiton, where the scenes from the popular Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings were shot.

What to see

The Hobbit village is not just meant for fans of the Lord of The Rings. It’s a sightseeing attraction that deserves a visit by anyone that wants to discover an artificial enchanting paradise. The mystical aura of the movie set combined with the serenity of the rural town appeals travel enthusiasts instantly while fans can expect to see Frodo running around the hills. The major attraction you’ll find here includes the Hobbit Holes, the Green Dragon Inn, the Old Mills, and the double arched bridge.

The 1250 acre Alexander farm comprises of 44 hobbit holes, including Bilbo Baggin’s home, Bag End. However, the holes are just exterior sets with only about one metre deep back wall; but they certainly make a beautiful backdrop for images.


When you go outside the hobbit holes or homes, you can get to see different items used by the characters like smoked fish, honey pots, butterfly catchers along with hobbit-sized shirts and pants that hung on a clothesline.

You will be amazed to know that the old oak tree above Bilbo and Frodo’s hole is actually man-made. This realistic looking tree has been constructed with fiberglass. Taking Hobbiton tours from Tauranga offer you a chance to get acquainted with more such tidbits and stories from the movie set.

Upon crossing the bridge, you will reach the Green Dragon Inn. Yes, it’s the same great place that Frodo and his friends visited frequently. What’s more you can expect? Even, you will receive a free drink and the Inn will serve a special beer that was during the filming of the movie. However, the beer is almost non-alcoholic since you can’t shoot a movie with drunken hobbits!

Perfect time to visit

The perfect time to take cruise trip tours from Tauranga is during summer – that falls from late November to February when the whole country is abuzz with outdoor adventures. Moreover, New Zealand is equally beautiful during winter. If you are looking to try out some snow sports along with your trip to the Hobbiton movie, head straight to New Zealand in June, July and August.

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