Published on 06/21/2018 8:41 am
Experience the Unique Maori Culture with Private Tour

Is exploring various cultures around the world your passion? And your next target is to explore the Maori culture of New Zealand? Then you must make a visit to Tauranga and Rotorua as these iconic places are the home of the ancient Maori culture. And a private culture tour is the best way to get a closer insight of the history and essence of the Maori culture.

A private culture tour in Tauranga and Rotorua

The private culture tours starts with the picturesque overview of the Mount Maunganui which includes unspoiled surf beaches and multimillion dollar homes which then heads towards Rotorua. On the way to Rotorua we stop in Te puke the kiwifruit capital of the world youcan taste the iconic Kiwi fruit of New Zealand enjoy an orchard tour tasting and gifts at Kiwifruit Country Store! Then after adding a delight to your taste buds wit a kiwi fruit ice cream you can be amazed with a bush walk in the Okere Falls and along the way you will be able to learn more about the cultural and spiritual significance of this spectacular location of Maori people.You may also see thrill seekers rafting or kayaking down and over the falls.From there you will have to stop at a beautiful Redwood forest where you can also get a glimpse of the Blue Lake and onto Lake Tarawera just past the Buried Village where so many lost their lives after the Tarawera eruption.


Now that you have passed the Redwood forest, Rotorua, the most captivating geothermal wonderlands in the world is waiting for you extending its arms. From here you will have an opportunity to see hot springs and the magnificent Pohutu geyser gushing to approx 60 metres at the living Maori village located in the iconic Whakarewarewa Geothermal valley.


As we enter  Rotorua  a strong smell of sulphur is evident you will able to take a glimpse into the past learning more about native Maori culture along with enjoying the cultural performances including the rousing Haka. There are few interesting facts about Maori Culture that make it unique like they greet people by pressing nose( a Hongi ) simultaneously, their food is cooked under the ground, and the culture is one of the youngest in the world. With this the private tourends by driving 60km in comfort through Tauranga city via Pyes Pa. back to your ship on time.


Exploring cultures is one of the most exciting experiences one can have especially the ancient cultures like Maori. Arrow Tours provide private  tour in Tauranga and Rotorua that makes you feel the essence and importance of the culture well. To know more about the tour visit

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